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"If Tomorrow Never Comes"

If I knew it was our last time
I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly,
and pray the Lord your soul to keep.

If I knew it was our last time
I'd see you out the door,
We'd hug and kiss,
and I'd call you back for more.

If I knew it was our last time,
I'd hear your voice in praise,
I'd record each action and each word,
to play them back day by day.

If I knew it was our last time,
I'd spend a moment or two
to stop and say "I Love You",
not assuming you know that I do.

If I knew it was our last time,
I'd be there to share your day.....
presuming I'd have many more,
so I let this one slip away.

For surely there's tomorrow
to make up for the oversight,
we always get a second chance
to make everything right.

There will always be another day
to say our "I Love You's",
and surely there's another chance
to say "What can I do?"

But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I'd like to say "I Love You ! ",
and hope we don't forget.

Tomorrow is not promised
to young and old alike,
today may be that last chance
I can hold that loved one tight.
If your waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes,
you could regret the day,
you didn't take that extra time,
for a smile, a hug, a kiss,
and you were too busy
to grant their one last wish.

So, hold your loved one close today
and whisper in their ear,
tell them how you love them
that you'll always hold them dear.

Take time to say "I'm sorry",
"forgive me", "thank you",
"it's OK",
and if tomorrow never comes
there's no regret about today.
Author Unknown

This poem was given to me by my daughter,
in loving memory of "our angel"
ALEXIS LYNN, the child
she and Dennis lost on June 1, 2001

In Loving Memory of Dennis,
the husband she lost on November 21, 2002

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"In Memory Of Dennis Morgan

"If Tomorrow Never Comes "
Garth Brooks

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