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Owner of PeachPatch.com
Founder of Serious Singles
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Meet The
PeachPatch Family

The love and power
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Age: 62
Located in Northeast KS
Mother of 3
One daughter
Two sons
Grandmother of 6
Nurse by Profession
Webmaster by Desire

My name is Peach. Aka MsPeach.
I own a patch of the Internet.
Thus the site name is "PeachPatch."

I'm a Country girl with traditional values.
PeachPatch is my heart on display.

I enjoy spending time at home
reading, cooking, gardening,
learning more advanced computer skills,
and creating graphic images.

I am a pianist and
music speaks to my soul.
Romantic Love Songs
are my favorites.

They allow us to express
ourselves to the one we love,
thru music and lyrics.

The words expressing
feelings and thoughts
so deep in our heart and soul,
but unable to verbalize ourselves.

I am a romantic.
Someone who really enjoys romance
(not just the “Candy & Flowers” stuff).
Sunrises, sunsets. The mountains.
The beach. Traveling.
A weekend at a fancy resort hotel
being pampered.
A weekend camping at a mountain lake
NOT being pampered.
Thunderstorms & snowstorms.
Driving in the snow looking
at Christmas lights.
Taking moonlight walks holding hands.
Laughing, sharing lifes joys and sorrows.

I don't know where my partner is,
but I know he is not 'next door'.
I have written him my Love Letter,
and the words from my heart
with a Simple Request,
trying to reach out to my special
Someone, Somewhere.

My perfect partner would be:
intelligent, romantic,
people person, family oriented
and enjoy home life together.

When we look into each others eyes,
we will feel as if we have spoken,
without saying a word.

I believe a relationship is
harmony and happiness together.
Two people who are seperate individuals,
yet feel so close in life, love, peace,
and perfect harmony with each other,
who fly side by side in all things.
One is never ahead nor behind the other.
Equal yet different.

Don't walk ahead of me,
I may not always follow.
Don't walk behind me,
I may not always lead.
Walk beside me as my best friend.

One set of footprints instead of two,
I walk alone in search of you.
Wandering aimlessly day to day,
searching, hoping, that you pass my way
and Someday soon we'll walk as two.

This road of life is lonely and long,
by my side is where you belong.
To guide me through each passing day,
the up's and down's, come what may.

I walk this lonely, winding path
and pray you find me soon, at last,
to live together till our life is done.
Where there are TWO sets of footprints,
Instead of ONE.

Copyright © Ms Peach, PeachPatch 2002
All rights reserved

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