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Dennis Ray Morgan

Born October 20, 1952
Died November 21, 2002

At the PeachPatch, I have shared with you,
the wonderful visitors,
the blessings of love and joy in our lives.
Now I must share with you the sorrows of our heart.

Dennis entered our lives in 1999.
He loved my daughter and her three children unconditionally.

From their love was,
ALEXIS LYNN, their child
that died June 1, 2001

The Happiness Of Their Wedding Day June 16, 2002

The Wonderful Father He Didn't Have To Be

The children's biological father abandoned them years ago.
They have little memory of him.

Dennis was the Only Man The Children called "Daddy"
It was their first time to say that word.

He was God's Blessing to Us
He Made Our Family Complete

Dennis traveled through out the United States for his work.
It was necessary to be gone from home months at a time.
He touched the lives of so many people,
making friends everywhere he went.

Sept 11, 2001, he was scheduled
to attend a corporate meeting at the Twin Towers.
That morning he received a telephone call and was informed
it was not necessary for him to attend.
From the street, he watched the destruction of the Twin Towers
which took the lives of his four co-workers, who attended that meeting.

We were so thankful, he was alive.
He immediately came home to spend some time with his family.

Then he had to return to New York for a while.
This was to be his final and last travel trip.
From then on he would be home permanetly with his family
and working in the local area.

On November 21, 2002, we received the terrible message
that while in New York, Dennis had a heartattack and died.

In the motel room, on the beside table, was his airline ticket.
He was scheduled to come home to his family, the next day,
on November 22, 2002.

My son-in-law, our beloved Dennis is gone.
Never take for granted each day.
Every day tell your loved ones, how much you love them.

~ Peach ~

I Believe
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
What If Tomorrow Never Comes
How Do I Live Without You?

"To Where You Are" by Josh Groban
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