Remember a time in life
When everything was simple and sweet?

We had nothing to worry about 'cept
When we're gonna eat?

As time goes by
Life may not stay that simple
And we remember
Lessons learned along the way

The lesson taught
In Grandma's kitchen that day
Was when she had this to say ...

Thanksgiving is the time to
Give thanks for our blessings

Blessings are not something
We can count on our fingers or toes
Blessings are what we feel
In our hearts and souls

Blessings are not measured
In wealth or earthly gain
They can't be counted that way

Some people have a little
Some people have alot
It doesn't really matter how much we've got

It's the love we have
And the love we give
That makes us who we are
And why we live

Blessings are family and friends

Happy Thanksgiving

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