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Winter Seasons of Life ....

Are not meant to last
Who hasn't felt them, like a cold winter blast?

Heartache, sorrows, lonliness and fear
Anger, frustration and eyes filled with tears

Helpless, hungry, weary and worn
We feel our lives are destroyed and torn

We don't have the strength to begin again
Fighting this battle that doesn't seem to end

It can't be done without a helping hand
From someone who's been there and understands

Our lives crossed paths that cold winter day
Knowing our paths would never cross another way

We met as friends but soon realized
It was more than "just friends"
That came into our lives

An Angel in disguise was sent from above
Disguised as YOU and filled with love

Bringing faith, hope and the courage to believe
There was more to life than what we could see

Thru heartaches, sorrows, lonliness and pain
There's always more to be learned
And something to be gained

There really was a purpose and a plan
It brought together two strangers
To hold hearts and hands

We both were blessed
As only we will know
That winter season enriched our lives
For our minds and hearts to grow

We may not know for just what reason
Our lives crossed paths for that winter season

We never know what may be ahead
But we do know this, our lives are being led

Thank you for being that Angel in Disguise

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

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