Simple Request

A simple request is all I asked .....
That someone special sent from above
Would find my waiting heart full of love

Deep in my heart a love that's pure
No evil motives or personal gain ....
No reason on earth to ever cause pain

Richness or money I never asked
Fortune and fame I do not care ....
It can never gain or replace
The most precious gift to ever take place

Please send someone special meant just for me
Patient, loving, tender and kind ....
Brilliant, wonderful, with an intelligent mind

Then I heard this subtle message from you.....

"Come whatever, come what may .....
You know I'm right. It must be my way
I know what I'm doing
Don't ever doubt .......

There are things you are learning along the way
Before you can see that special day ...

Trust in me and always believe
I love you dearly, more than you know
Time is given for character to grow

I know your needs better than you
Time will tell and you will see
There will be someone special sent from me ..."

"Ok Lord, I do not understand
But I must accept your divine plan"

You know my days and restless nights ....
Please guide my heart to know what's right

Is it hope, faith and devoted belief ...
There is someone special meant just for me?

You love so much without asking in return ...
Is this the lesson that I must learn?

Must I learn to do and always comply?
Without asking you the reasons why?

I have love without limits
It has no end ...
Please let this special love begin
To share my life with who you send

There is someone special sent from above
The only one that can share my love ....
My love, My life is ready to share
With that Someone Special sent from Somewhere

Music used with permission
"Keeper Of The Stars" © composition by Margi Harrell
is on her music CD titled Dreams Of Love

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