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Dawn slowly breaking
Our friends have all gone home
You and I are waiting
For Santa Claus to come
There´s a present by the tree
Stockings on the wall
And knowing you're in love with me
Is the greatest gift of all.

The fire is slowly fading
Chill is in the air
All the gifts are waiting
For children everywhere
Through the window I can see
Snow begin to fall
Knowing you`re in love with me
Is the greatest gift of all.

Just before I go to sleep
I hear a church bell ring
Merry Christmas everyone
Is the song it sings
So I say a silent prayer
For creatures great and small
Peace on Earth, good will to men
Is the greatest gift of all.
Peace on ......

From Our House To Yours
We Wish You And Your Family
Many Blessings
Lots Of Love and Friends

"Greatest Gift Of All"
sang by
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

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