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A Rock in Northern Iowa
Painted by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II
Greenfield, IA

Liberty and Freedom

Thru all history since time began
There have been wars over the land

It isn't a battle for the soil or the sand
It is a battle for the hearts of man

Turmoil, strife, hate and fear
Threaten what we hold most dear

Liberty, Justice and Freedom stand
For every living woman and man

"Freedom" say it loud, say it clear
Say it for the men and women
That died to bring it here

Without their love and sacrifice
We would live our life in constant fear
That rage and dominance would interfere

Freedom doesn't come without a price
For the many who made that sacrifice

"Freedom" say it
For the parent
Who gave their child

"Freedom" say it
For the child
Who gave their parent

"Freedom" say it
For the husbands and wives
Lovers and friends
That will never come home again

Praise, honor and glory be
For the men and women who died for me


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