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I Will Never Forget

I knew somehow the moment we met
It would be a day I would never forget
From that moment on I knew without a doubt
I would never leave your side
No matter what came about

I knew in my heart
This is the one to whom I belong
Like the birds in the sky
Singing heavenly songs
My love for you would never be wrong

It wasn't just the smile you had on your face
It was the love in your heart shining with grace
It was the sparkle in your eyes
Bright as the heavenly stars high above
This is the one I knew I loved

You touched my hand in such a gentle way
It opened my heart to this very day
To be filled with love more than I ever knew
And it wouldn't be possible with anyone but you

It's easy to remember
The special day we met
Though years have passed by
And the older we get
It's still the day I will never forget

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