I don't know where you are
or who you are,
but I know you exist.
I feel you in my heart and I see you in my mind.

When I look at the stars, I feel hope,
I know somewhere you are looking
at the same beautiful stars,
searching for me....
lost in thoughts of us
and the life we will someday share.

Everything and everyone before now
will have been a lesson learned,
so we could be who we are.
It's forever a part of our own story.....
our journey toward finding
ourself and each other.

Trust in me and I will honor your love.
I am all you have dreamed I would be and more.
I am your destiny and you are mine,
the partner you envision,
when hurt and pain seems to engulf you
with feelings that need to be shared.

I am your own private hope,
it was me who sustained your faith,
when you felt there was no tomorrow.
I am what you always believed I would be....
faithfully, patiently waiting for you.

I can not come to you, until you are ready.
When your heart is free
and has closed all the chapters
that keep you from me.

In your soul, although hidden,
you truly know me.
I am the one who has always been
standing by your side.
Thru sorrows and sadness,
my eternal promise,
that lives inside.
It is "Truth, Honesty and Unconditional".

Remember our love.......
with sincerity and pureness,
with the angel's blessings and God's Amen.
Born of our hearts, eternal, burning in our soul.

When we meet, we will feel peace, harmony and passion,
not the temporary burst of adolescent lust.
When we look into each others eyes,
we will feel as if we have spoken,
without saying a word.

Miles apart, so it would seem,
more than reachable for a willing team.
My personal website, created for you,
ready to share the
thoughts and emotions of two,
to know I am here and waiting for you.

One set of footprints instead of two,
I walk alone in search of you.
Wandering aimlessly day to day,
searching, hoping, that you pass my way
and someday soon we'll walk as two.

This road of life is lonely and long,
by my side is where you belong.
To guide me through each passing day,
the up's and down's, come what may.

I walk this lonely, winding path
and pray you find me soon, at last,
to live together till our life is done.
Where there are TWO sets of footprints,
Instead of ONE.

Each day, as the sun begins to rise,
bringing a new beginning,
I search for you.
Will today, be the day we meet?
Neither you nor I, will accept defeat.

I wait for you........
"Love Letter" Copyright © Ms Peach, PeachPatch 2002

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