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Tattooing is a work of art. It is an expression of one's inner self.

I have Tattooed for almost 20 years.
20 years in Shops all over the U.S.A. from New York to California

I love Tattoos. Love doing them. I never say I'm the best.
But I will always do my best. I know I do a Nice Clean Tattoo.
I have been featured in Tattoo magazines and newspaper articles.

This was a newspaper article about me:

I've tattooed at large Tattoo Conventions all over the U.S.A.

For the last 8 years I have been traveling the USA from shop to shop.
I have been from New York to Hollywood. I can do free hand tattooing and flash tattooing.
20 years and over 120,000 tattoos laters, I still love doing tattoos.

You never know, you might see me in your town.

Yep, I have moved. See me here...

I have many samples of my custom tattoo work.
Whatever you want, I can create.

What Tattoo Should You Get?

Below are some of my tattoo work and my family:

A few samples of my art and tattoo work: